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 Before the Night comes.

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Before the Night comes. Empty
PostSubject: Before the Night comes.   Before the Night comes. I_icon_minitimeWed Mar 03, 2010 11:40 pm

As looked at the graves of my mother and father, I began to, again, question whether my methods are really working to protect this city that I love so dearly. Should I risk putting away my cape and cowl to work for an obviously corrupted government of my city to make the changes or should I keep to the shadows where it's safe, where I know I can bring the kind of justice this city needs without going through a mess of political meetings and approvals. "If only you were here....if only you would be here to guide me; to see if I am making the right choice..." I said to no one but the angel that stands apon the graves holding the names of my parents. I come here every week in hopes of finding a lasting resolution to the choices I make yet some small part of me still has doubt. I took a few moments to contemplate and to feel closer to them when I feel my resolve is wavering and also just to be with what's left of them. "Master Bruce." I heard Alfred call out, the evening wind whistling in the air and see the sun setting on the horizon marking the start of another night protecting this city I love. "Commissioner Gordon just left a message on the Batcomputer. Joker has once again escaped and he is in need of assistance." Alfred said as I began to walk to the car with Alfred opening the door for me. It was times like this that reminded me of why I became the Batman and why I wanted to fight for my city's right for justice and peace.
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Before the Night comes.
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