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 Superbot Alpha Red

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Superbot Alpha red

Superbot Alpha red

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PostSubject: Superbot Alpha Red   Superbot Alpha Red I_icon_minitimeMon Mar 03, 2014 8:56 pm

Full Name: SuperBot Alpha Red

Alias: Alpha

Hair Color: none

Eye Color :Blue

Height: 6'4"

Physical Description: Metal skin, Visor, and Metal S on his chest.

Special Talents: Martial arts, Master of tech, Tactics specialist, Historian.

Personality: Distant but if he is comfortable with someone he will crate a strong bond with them and will do whatever Batman says without question. He is a robot with a AI brain making it so he can think and have emotions instead of being just another Superbot.

Past: Made in an alternate earth by Batman, Alpha Red was made to be the last line of defense in case the League went bad. When his world was taken over by Superman, Wonder Woman, and Green lantern Batman was killed and Alpha red killed the Man of Steel in a battle that destroyed his world, He used a portal Batman made to bring over other heroes and Alpha red left to the new world to find Batman and atone for the destruction he caused.
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Superbot Alpha Red
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