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 Merry Quinn

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PostSubject: Merry Quinn   Merry Quinn I_icon_minitimeWed Jun 26, 2013 12:57 am

Full Name (First and Last):Merry Quinn

Alias: the joker's and Harey quinn's daughter she prefers to be caled Joker or Laugh

Hair Color (Natural/Dyed):Red wit green streaks

Eye Color (Contacts/Natural): green

Heighth (Feet and Inches):5" 5

Physical Description (what they wear, what they look like, any special scar or birthmark that they can be recognized by): Merry Quinn Jokersdaughter

Special Talents (This can be anything from soccerplaying to lockpicking):kinda like her father but sometimes she likes painting when her father's not around

Personality(Are they sarcastic, funny, shy, etc. How do they react when held at gunpoint, or asked to dance, etc. what do they think of other people, etc):a little crazy but is outgoing sneaky and ver ambitious

Past (Descriptive Please!):After the lose of her mother and father she went out on her own. she used to go to high school until peope found out her parents were so she left in tears. a year later she was took up her father's reputation and is now called Joker 2 or Laugh. But every now and then she breaks down in tears.
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Merry Quinn
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