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 Batman vs. Spiderman ... which one is more awesome?

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PostSubject: Batman vs. Spiderman ... which one is more awesome?   Sat Apr 03, 2010 7:31 am

I've been having this dispute that I've won before ... yet it found its
way back to life magically... and instead of going through all the way
defending Batman again (even though he doesn't need to be defended)
against spider douche ...

Batman has absolutely no superpowers ... he just chose to put the money
inherited from his parents to good use to help those in need of help ..
and to save those who need saving... and he chose to do so on his own ..
even though he could have used his money to have a city of his own
somewhere and live in reclusion peacefully and let everyone in Gotham
kill each others.

Spiderdouche however ... he's got superpowers .. so even if he didn't
help people of NY, and spent his time climbing to the girl's locker room
instead. He'd eventually get tired of it and think of saving people
(unlike batman who wanted to do so from the start) ... Besides ... he
take pictures of himself and sells them to the newspaper he's working in
... That shows that he's got some serious issues .___.

So please help with this ... and choose which one is better (BATMAN) ...
(You'd choose batman if you've watched Dark Knight :] )

I know the movies aren't as good as the comics ... but can you still
help me with this?

Thank you.

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Batman vs. Spiderman ... which one is more awesome?
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