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 It kills me but...

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The Joker
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It kills me but... Empty
PostSubject: It kills me but...   It kills me but... I_icon_minitimeWed Feb 24, 2010 2:23 pm

I think we need to start this site from ground zero again -.-;;;
I know its a pain in the ass - but - in order for the roleplay to start up again I think we need to renovate it and such.

Some of my ideas include:
- I like the new set up for the character list, HOWEVER, there are A LOT of Bat characters I think should and need to be added, on the middle ground and on hte good guy side in particular. I have created my own list which I will post up right after

- We should probably make the acceptance into the forum a little more - well - difficult. For Bat-character and Self-Created-Characters alike. In this way, we can weed out the single liner people - the people who don't know a damn about their character - and general people who aren't dedicated to roleplaying to those who do. I think it would just be helpful in hte elimination problem and we would avoid people from starting off as Dick Grayson and then turning into Two-Face >.> lol sorry...
My idea for the new Profile Creation Template:

Full Name: (Provide a Full Name - pretty self explanatory)
Alias: (If youre character has a name they use other than their full name - put it here!)
Age: (...age!)
Gender: (...GENDER! But I guess with Self-created-characters you can be a tad bit more creative)
Nationality: (...National Background! French? American? Ecuadorian? etc.)
Occupation: ( Everybody has to do somethin to earn their livlihood. May a short job history would be nice.)
Eyes: (Eye color - be descriptive! Eyes are considered the mirror into one's soul!)
Hair: (Hair color - short, long, etc. Again - be descriptive!)
General Description: (Body image, personality traits, other little quirks that the character has. This part is the most tedious - so don't rush it! I don't need every single detail about the character but a nice ground work would suffice - especially for Self-Created characters)
Clothing: (What they wear - again - be descriptive!)
Weapons: (In Gotham it's almost necessary to have a weapon - however, it's not essential)
Other Equipment: (Any trinkets they carry around with them? Anything of value? Put it here!)
Transportation: (How do they get around from one place to another? I mean, it could sound kind of hoookey - you can simply put in long walks - but maybe they also have something similar to the Bat-mobile! Or ride motorcycles - or even get by in a wheelchair!)
History: (Again another tedious part! Every character has some sort of beginning - except maybe in the case of a couple of Bat-characters - but try to be descriptive here to! We need to kno where the character started off from to understand how they became the person they are today!)
RP Sample: ( And now we need to gauge your RP skills! You can write anythin here you want your character to be involved in. Whether it's taking a stroll through Robinson Park or beating up some bad guys on the night shift. )

Again this will be applied to both Self-Created and Bat-owned Characters. If anything Ill do one of these myself for a reference if you'd like. Self-created characters get to have more flexibility of course-such as if youre character changes her/his alias - such as starting off as an average joe and then becoming some vigilante will cause of a change in alias at some point.

- We probably need to be more descriptive about our RP World - in this case - Gotham City - probably divulge a section in the rules to explain the set up of our RP world and explain certain important facets that has happened in Gotham - etc. etc. Just so all the RP people are on the same page. And new people are able to understand whats going on without having to be a hardcore Bat-fan or other such thing.

- Competitions are most certainly fun! Definately keep those - but we shouldnt have one till we get enough people in this site to accutately carry one out lol

Well thats basically it - and pretty much get rid of these old threads which we have recklessly abandoned >.< and just start a new.
ow I dont claim to know everything about everything - Im just giving some advice! I've been around the RP block a few times. And I love Batman! I just dont want to see a highly potential Bat-forum go to the ground without even having a fully successful run!
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The Joker
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The Joker

Posts : 36
Points : 41
Join date : 2009-12-29
Age : 27
Location : Oh! Wouldn't YOU like to know...

It kills me but... Empty
PostSubject: Re: It kills me but...   It kills me but... I_icon_minitimeWed Feb 24, 2010 2:41 pm

Here's my version of the character list:

Those in RED are taken

Bad Guys (These
are definitely not all the characters in the Bat-villain list, seeing
as how I was trying to use some of the more popular ones. But if you
have any other villains you would like to use – just ask)




Black Mask





Clock King






Doctor Destiny

Doctor Hugo Strange

Doctor Phosphorus


Falcone Family (Cut up into multiple people)


Floronic Man

Gentleman Ghost

Great White Shark

Harley Quinn


Jane Doe


Judy (from Punch and Judy)

Kabuki Twins

Killer Croc

Killer Moth

Lady Shiva


Mad Hatter


Maroni Family (Definately cut up into multiple people)

Maxie Zeus

Mr. Freeze


Poison Ivy

Professor Pyg

Punch (From Punch and Judy)


Ra’s Al Ghul

Red Hood (Jason Todd)



Solomon Grundy



Terrible Trio (Guess we can break that into three characters)

Tweedle Dee

Tweedle Dum



Ventriloquist (Using Wesker not Sugar)



The Wasp


Neutral Guys (Very limited – but I guess neutrality really belongs to the normal people – who aren’t really heroes at all)

Amadeus Arkham


Henri Ducard

Jason Blood

Leslie Thompkins

Linda Page

Lucius Fox

Mayor Hamilton Hill

Slam Bradley

Silver St. Cloud

Talia Al Ghul

Vicki Vale

Good Guys (Again
– this is definitely not a complete list so – but I definitely limited
it to solely the Batman universe – but if you have other heroes or want
to use another hero from another universe – like Superman – just ask)

Alfred Pennyworth


Batgirl (NOT Barbara - Cassandra Cain)



Detective Crispus Allen

Detective Harvey Bullock


Commissioner James Gordon

Captain Maggie Sawyer



Detective Renee Montoya


Sasha Bordeaux




( I definately like hte idea to link a picture which each character - it's very clever! So we can definately use that idea from the New character list that is already posted up!)
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It kills me but...
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